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Links Page

The main news sites I use

Dan's Data

Dan reviews computer & audio stuff, gadgets, toys and answers your questions! His charming style and professional integrity makes his site a good place to learn about science and technology.

Seth Godin's Blog

This guy is awesome, I wish everyone would read him. He's a visionary marketer with a heart and consistently inspires me to think differently and succeed in business.

Drudge Report

The place to see what sensationalist crap is currently "the news".

Ken Rockwell Photography

This is the most educational and honest photography site I have found. Beyond the camera information, Ken's writing captures a fascinating personality.

forensics & faith

Brandilyn Collins' writing blog. She talks about the work of novel writing and her life in the Christian publishing market.

In the Pipeline
A professional chemist talks about his business, and somehow the intriguing ideas of science come through the jargon. This is the real thing, I don't think a untrained science fan can get closer to the front lines of chemistry than this.

Dn Interesting
Better than news sites, this place has the interesting stuff, forgotten bits of history, strange occurrences, and real 'news' all the things that are important even if they aren't occuring at the moment.

Strange Maps
Maps are strange, and let us see the world differently. This is a consistent source of such maps.

Dark Roasted Blend
Nifty pictures, amazing and amusing bits from around the net.
I don't like how it's spelled, but Flickr is a way to connect with others interested in photography.

The Active Word with Pastor Bob Coy
Preaching I connect with.